Welcome to IAVNA

The International Association of Vietnamese Artists (IAVNA) was formed by a group of artists from Southern California area.  Many of them met each other through community events and art exhibitions in the Los Angeles area.  Although they came from diverse background, these artists shared one thing in common, and that is, they came to the U.S. after the Fall of Saigon and thereafter.  Their strong passion for the arts and their beliefs to connect and enrich their communities and other communities through Eastern arts and cultures have ignited their strong conviction to form IAVNA.

Through the commitment and support of their community, IAVNA artists and others have the opportunity to share, network, and learn about Vietnamese arts as well as other eastern art techniques.  This opportunity will allow all artists to meet and share east and west artistic techniques and to make beautiful paintings, photography, sculptures, and much more.  The platforms will allow the artists to create a variety of programs to include art exhibitions, book signings, art classes, workshops, and other community events.

IAVNA believes that art is one of the platforms to bring and build strong communities.  IAVNA’s mission is to create and establish artwork and teach others to be passionated in their artistic endeavors so that they can build good organizational infrastructure and explore new strategies to continue towards their long-term goals in order to make their communities grow in a sustainable way. 

This is an exciting opportunity for IAVNA artists, and the IAVNA community is looking forward to updating you on its progress.  Should you be interested in any of our artist's work, please contact the aritst directly as IAVNA has listed the artist's contact information under Contact Page.

Lam Thuy, Artist
President of IAVNA

For the love of art

Whether you paint, draw, sketch or sculpt there is an Open Exhibition to submit to.

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Our Artists:
Ai Lan - Bieu Trung - Chinh Mung - Dang Ngoc Sinh  
Dang Ngoc Thanh - Elizabeth Nguyen Espinoza - Hanh Le
Kim Ngan - Kien Hoa - Lam Thuy - Le Chi - Luong Truong Tho
Lu Tong Dao - Ngo Ba Dan - Nguyen Van Bay - Pham Huu Thien
Phong Tran - Truong Dinh Uyen - Vu Dung - Xuan Lap