B​orn in Vietnam, Elizabeth Nguyen-Espinoza (“Liz”) came to the U.S. after the fall of Saigon during the Vietnam war in 1975.  During the war, Liz and her siblings sought safety in the Catholic convent, where the nuns raised them.  Liz and her family subsequently fled their country and settled in the U.S., initially in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  They later moved to New Orleans, LA and Houston, TX, where they eventually called home.  
During her teenage years, Liz struggled with cultural issues dealing with traditional upbringings and the western ways of life.  Struggling with these issues and wanting autonomy to make her own choices in life, she sought shelter in a convent in Wisconsin until she finished her junior year in high school.  It was during that time she discovered the love for music, literature, law, philosophy, and art.  As a child, Liz was a prolific reader and loved the arts.  She wanted to become an artist and a writer, but circumstances did not permit her the opportunity to pursue her dreams at the time.  Prior to graduating from college, the U.S. Treasury Department recruited Liz to become a federal agent until her recent retirement.  During her career as a federal agent, Liz won many awards and recognitions for her investigative contributions.  She advocated for equality and women in law enforcement and was recognized for her efforts.  She exercised her leadership role by actively being involved in writing and making presentations at law enforcement conferences.
Despite her hectic career for almost three (3) decades, Liz’s love for the arts was unchanged.  She continues to study art with many professional artists over the years, with the hope that one day she could pursue her dreams wholeheartedly.  In her view, the arts give her a forum to record and express her thoughts, emotions, and ideas.  She believes art serves as a language for her to capture the physical, intellectual, emotional, and conceptual aspects of life.  Throughout her life, Liz witnessed many aspects of the human condition, which have strengthened and sharpened her character.  Through her art, she wants to encourage others to have a greater appreciation for life despite their hardships and difficult journeys.  Her goal is to preserve the beauty in the world and to make selfless efforts to promote humanitarian causes.  She tries to imbue her paintings and sculptures with a sense of intimacy, harmony, and tranquility.
Liz received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Greek History from Loyola University.  She completed her Masters Degree in Criminal Justice, specializing in criminal law from St. Leo University.  She studies art at Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) in Laguna Beach, CA.  After retirement from her law enforcement career in late 2016, she established ISEE Artists Gallery, and subsequently AMALI Capital Funding Corporation.  In addition to her hectic business schedules, she is involved with various non-profit organizations to promote humanitarian causes.  Furthermore, in remembrance of her mother passing in early 2017, and to continue her mother's work with children, Liz and her colleagues established the Rosa Thay Nguyen Children's Foundation (RTNCF).  RTNCF is a non-profit humanitarian organization, and its mission is to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children by giving them access to the highest quality medical care, medical intervention, and service so that they can have a joyful childhood.  (visit www.rtncf.org).


California Art Club
California Art League
Oil Painters of America
Orange County Fine Arts Association
International Sculpture Society​
Pacific Rim Sculpture Society

· The Pianist in Red and Morning Bird, OCFA Annual Juried Art Competition & Exhibition,  Showcase Gallery - Corners, in South Coast Plaza Village, Santa Ana, CA (December 14, 2016 to January 22, 2017).  The Pianist in Red won 2nd Place in oil painting.
· Fabric of Friendship, Exhibition at the Showcase Gallery - Corners, in South Coast Plaza Village, Santa Ana, CA (November 2 to December 17, 2016)
· Completion and Flower of Hope, Internationational Association of Vietnamese Artists presents "The Color of Time Exhibition" at Viet Bao Gallery, 14841 Moran Street, Westminister, CA (November 4 -6, 2016)

· ​A Zen Moment, Dear Life, and A Day at the Museum, Exhibition at the Showcase Gallery - Sonoran Gardens, Featured Artist: 5 Chic, Santa Ana, CA ( September - October 2016)

·  Contemplating, Gracefulness, A Precious Moment and Into the Sunset, Exhibition at the Showcase Gallery- North of Tijuana, Santa Ana, CA (August - September 2016)
·  Children at Play, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery  (LAMAG) - Play, Exhibition at LAMAG, Los Angeles, CA (August - September 2016)
·  A Day at the Museum, California Art League - A Moment in Time Show, Exhibition at the Women’s City Club of Pasadena (the Blinn House), Pasadena, CA ( June - September 2016)
·  Into the Sunset, Exhibition at the Los Alamitos Community Center, Los Alamitos, CA, “Weekend of Art in Los Alamitos” (May 2016)​
· Mother and Child (2nd Place) and Portrait of a Geisha (3rd Place). Exhibition at the Catalyst, Westminster, CA (2013)
· Portrait of a Geisha. Honorable Mention.  Exhibition at the Art Studio, Westminster, CA (2009)
· (Co-Authored/Editor). Roman, Gender, and Religion: Tales of God and Beautiful Women.  Edwin Mellen Press, New York, New York. (1995)

Elizabeth ("Liz")

Founder of ISEE Artists Gallery
Painter, Sculptor, & Photographer